Films 2010

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sala Deluxe h. 14:30ACQUA
Shorts about “water” by students from Pistelli public school in Rome.
sala Deluxe h. 14:30HAITI SHORTS
Haiti 2010, (inglese, sott. italiani).
The Cine Institute provides Haitian Youth with film education. In these shorts young filmmakers find their voice to deal with the devastation of the earthquake.
sala Deluxeh h. 16:00RABBIT A LA BERLIN
2009, Germany/Poland 39min (tedesco, sott. inglesi, italiani).
Until the fall of the Berlin wall thousands of wild rabbits were living in the Death Zone between East and West Germany. This story about rabbits is a metaphor for two opposing forces: our need of freedom and our need for security. German selection for best documentary film Oscar 2010.
sala Deluxe h. 18:00JAFFA
2009, Germany/Israel/France, 106’, cast Dana Ivgy, Moni Moshonov (ebraico, arabo, sott. inglesi, italiani).
In the city of Jaffa Jews and Arabs live side by side in an uneasy but somewhat tolerated alliance. The unsuspected love between a young Jewish woman and an Arab mechanic is tragically interrupted.
sala Deluxe h. 20:00Video Malawi Project
2010, 1,20’’
teatro all’aperto h. 21:30THE NECESSITIES OF LIFE
2008, Canada, 103’ (sott. inglesi, italiani)
In 1952, an Inuit hunter leaves his northern home to recuperate from tuberculosis at a sanatorium in Quebec City. Uprooted, far from his family, unable to speak French and faced with a completely alien world, his situation becomes critical until he finds a friend. Canada entry for Oscar 2008.
sala Deluxe h. 16:00WHICH WAY HOME
2009, USA, doc 90’ (spagnolo, sott. inglesi, italiani).
The film follows several unaccompanied child migrants as they attempt the hopeful but dangerous journey through Mexico en route to the U.S. on a freight train they call “The Beast”. American selection for best documentary film Oscar 2010.
sala Kodak h. 17:30WORLDS APART
2008, Danimarca, 116’, cast Rosalinde Mynster, Pilou Asbaek, (danese, sott. inglesi, italiani).
The daughter of a Jehova’s Witness is forced to choose between religion and love when she is falling for someone outside her faith.
sala Deluxe h. 18:00FLOW
2008, USA, doc 93’ (inglese con sott. italiani)
This is an investigation into the privatization of the worlds dwindling fresh water supply. Can anyone really own water? Sundance Film Festival 2008.
teatro all’aperto h. 21:30SKIN
2008, Inghilterra/Sud Africa, 107’, cast Sophie Okonedo, Sam Neill, Alice Krige (inglese, zulu, sott. italiani).
Ten year-old Sandra is distinctly African looking. Her parents are white Afrikaners, unaware of their black ancestry. A family tragedy unfolds because of the imposed racist restrictions of the apartheid regime.
sala Deluxe h. 16:00DAL MONDO / FROM AROUND THE WORLD Play Me, I’m Yours
2009, UK, 4.13’, (inglese, sott. italiani).
Artist Luke Jerram places 30 pianos throughout the streets of London, San Paolo, Sidney, Barcelona, Belfast, Sarajevo, New York etc. Strangers connect spontaneously through playing the piano and listening together. The project is touring the globe.
sala Deluxe h. 16:00BURNING IN THE SUN
2010, USA, trailer 5 min. (francese, inglese, sott. italiani)
Daniel Dembele brings solar panels to rural customers in Africa, magic!
sala Deluxe h. 16:00Plural + selezione dei vincitori del con- corso Internazionale 2009, 23 min.
PLURAL+ is aimed at engaging youth through video projects addressing ques- tions related to migrant integration, identity, diversity and human rights.

Warda, Belgium, 5 min.
Something to Exchange, Italy, 5 min.
Who Am I, South Korea, 5 min.
Diversity Makes The World Colorful, Italy, 3 min.
SFAT The Mihaids Ballad, Italy, 5 min.
sala Deluxe h. 16:00SUN COME UP
2010, USA, doc 38’ (inglese, sott. italiani)
In the South Pacific Ocean, the Carteret Island is going to disappear. Its inhabi- tants have to leave their land and find a new place to call home.1
sala Kodak h. 17:30NO MORE TEARS SISTER
2005, Sri Lanka/ Canada, doc 78’ (tamil, inglese, sott. italiani).
For the pursuit of justice and her commitment to truth Dr. Rajani Thiranagama pays a high price and becomes symbol of hope.
1954, Italia, 85’, cast Ingrid Bergman, George Sanders. Doppiato in Italiano.
A bored English couple is holidaying in Italy. Rossellini builds a passionate story of cruelty and cynicism swirling into a renewal of love.
teatro all’aperto h. 21:30AMREEKA
2009, USA-Canada, 96’, cast Nisreen Faour, Hiam Abbass, (inglese-arabo, sottotitoli italiani).
Muna, a single mother from the West Bank successfully applies for a visa to the US. Mother and son’s adventure to the United States is a tragic and hopeful story about self-imposed exile. Cannes Film Festival FIPRESCI Prize 2009.