Without Borders 2011

2011 Without Borders – Home

Special thanks to Unione Sanpaolo and Postevita, who made the festival possible.

In a shrinking world the question of home becomes ever more complex. The idea of home is as essential to humans as breathing, but every individual constructs his or her own answer. Often the physical home may be in conflict with the emotional home, or the religious home may be in conflict with the political home, and even the biological boundaries of home are being pushed to new limits. As humans we are incredibly adaptable in the process of creating our home, but nobody can force home upon us. The variety of films selected for the 2011 edition of Senza Frontiere examine our vital but fragile need for finding one’s home.

Many Thanks

Carlo Dubini, Paolo Fallai, Elisabeth King, Guendalina Ponti, Pamela Coppola, Paolo Mastrorosato, MarkusNiekel, Lexi Quint, Lydia & Oscar Leiber, Simonetta Pacifico, Emanuele Pescatori, Valeria Bucci, Anna Magistrelli, Elka Krajewska, Milena Ripellino, Fausta Gaetani, Joshua Liberson, Lorenzo Hendel, Mauro & Giovannella Tinello, Christina Gehlen, Marina Manzo, Teresa Guerra, Anna Emigli, Gianluca Macri’ Messineo, Theresa Marcheta, Shawna Ferrato, Isabel Correa, Edna & Francisco da Luz, amici e istituzioni che hanno reso possibile la realizzazione di Senza Frontiere.