Films 2012

Son of Babylon

by Mohamed Al Daradji2010 Iraq, UK, France, Netherlands, United Emirates, Egypt, Palestine, 91’, with Shazada Hussein, Yasser Talib, Bashir Al Majid After the fall of Saddam Hussein, a Kurdish boy and his grandmother travel along the most secluded roads in north- ern Iraq in search of the father and son. They en- counter the chaotic state of the country and unexpected allies on similar quests.

Saving Face

by Daniel Junge and Sharmeen Obaid- Chinoy2012, USA, Pakistan, 40’Every Year in Pakistan at least 100 women are victimized by acid attacks. Most cases go unreported. The film offers a powerful insight into Pakistani soci- ety and the resistance reformers have to tackle. 2012 Oscar Winner Best Short Documentary.

God is the Bigger Elvis

by Rebecca Camisa2011 USA, 37’, con/with Dolores Hart.Gives a fascinating insight into the life of a former movie star, who gave up everything to join a community of Benedictine nuns at the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Connecticut. (Oscar nominated 2012).

Concert dedicated to the 2012 Festival theme DIGNITY

by ANGELICA PONTI, GIULIA SALSONE, STEFANO NUNZI TRIO: voce, chitarra, contrabbasso / voice, guitar, doublebassThe Trio will carry out new elaborations, jazz arrangements of original songs and selected excerpts by different traditions. A song-telling shared path to explore and value rhythms, con- tents, features, sounds, atmospheres, stories of other peoples.

The Way Back

by Peter Weir2010, USA, United Arab Emirates, Poland, 33', with Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, Colin FarrellAn epic film about a group of man escaping from a soviet la- bor camp in 1941. Life in the camp and then the ardous jour- ney to freedom test the limits of human existence.

The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975

by Göran Hugo Olsson2011, Svezia/Sweden, 100', with Angela DavisIn the late 1960s and early ’70s, Swedish television journalists traveled to the United States with the intention of “showing the country as it really is.” This film documents the complex human dimension of the racial history.


by Shirin Neshat2012, USA, 10’ 28", with Mohammad Ghaffari, music by Mohsen Namjoo, poetry by Rumi. Draws upon themes of justice and the struggle of the artist against the constraints of authoritarian rule. This piece was originally written by Shoja Azari and Behrang Azari for a performance at Performa Biennial in 2011.


by Shoja Azari2002, USA, Iran, Marocco, 85’, with Mohammed Ghaffari, Shirin Neshat, Shahram Karimi, Oz Phillips, Rick Poli.A timeless human drama is portrayed in these three short black and white films based on stories by Franz Kafka.

Free Men

by Ismael Ferroukhi2011, France, 99’, con/with Tahar Rahim, Michael Lonsdale, Mahmud ShalabyIn 1944 Nazi-occupied Paris Muslims associated with the mosque supply North African Jews with fake Muslim indentifications in order to save them from German persecution.

Plural + Selection 2011

12’, 34”Plural + stimola giovani di tutto il mondo ad affrontare con progetti video temi come l’integrazione, l’identità, la diversità, i diritti umani. Plural + is aimed on engaging youth through video projects addressing questions related to migrant integration, identity, diversity and human rights.

Into the Abyss

by Werner Herzog2011 USA, UK Germany, 107’After a triple homicide one convict is sentenced to death and the other to life in prison. Herzog’s penetrating tale of life and death focuses on the two convicts and the various people affected by their crime.

Cairo Exit

by Hesham Issawi2011 Egypt, 100’, con/with Mohamed Ramadan, Maryhan, Ahmed BidderThis drama about the social and cultural taboos in Cairo’s diverse population was conceived while Mubarak was still in power. It is a timely reflection of some of the hardships, especially for women.


by Carlos Iglesias2011, Spain , 115’, con/with Esther Regina, Carlos Iglesias, Eloisa Vargas, Isabel Blanco, Inaki GuevaraDuring the Spanish Civil war, 3.000 Spanish children were sent to Russia along with communist nurses, doctors and teachers. This is a little known story of the Utopian dreams of the 20th Century in which groups of people were moved around for ideological purposes.