Films 2013

The Queen of Versailles

by Lauren GreenfieldUSA, 2012, 100’A billionair’s family lives a grotesquely ostentatious life style but is forced to scale down. The story provides an intimate look at the value of “money” in America.

Plural + Selection 2012

12’ 59”Plural + engages youth through video projects from around the world addressing issues such as migra- tion, identity and human rights. This year’s selection features works from Italy, Australia, Belgium.

Open the Door

by Shahram Karimi2013, Italia, Iran, 2013, 15’The iranian artist Shahram Karimi has created this video during a 2 weeks workshop with 15 prisoners of the Maiano jail in Spoleto.

Il Riscatto

by Giovanna TavianiItalia, 2013, 24’ 50” con Sasa’ StrianoA story of redemption from the city of Naples to San Miniato. How Homer, Dante, Shakespeare can be a turning page in a lost soul’s life.

Searching for Sugar Man

by Malik BandjellowUK/Sweden, 2012, 86’Two South Africans set out to discover what happened to their mysterious musical hero. They find far more in their quest than they ever hoped – a story of dignity and inspiration. Best documentary Oscar 2013 winner.


GIULIA SALSONE, guitar MARCO LODDO, double bass

La Battaglia Di Algeri

by Gillo PontecorvoItalia/Algeria, 1966, 121’The film is recreating a period of the Algerian revolution between 1954-1957. It shows the French as well as independence seeking Algerians point of view; torture used by the French is contrasted with the Algerian’s throwing bombs into cafes. The depiction of gorilla warfare is legendary and in 2003 the film had a much publicized screening in the Pentagon.

Five Broken Cameras

by Emad Burnat & Guy DavidiIsrael/Palestine, 2011, 94’In the village of Bil’in in the West Bank a separation barrier has been built and the villagers start to resist this decision. Emad films the struggle of daily arrests, shootings and night raids tyrannizing his family and village.

The Gatekeepers

by Dror MorehIsrael, 2012, 101’Surviving former heads of Shin Bet, the Israeli internal security agency, are giving testimony of their career on camera. The interviews include closely held state secrets, and offer a fascinating perspective on the history of the area from the Six Day War until today. (Nominated for 2013 Oscar as best documentary feature).

Iran: Unveiled and Veiled Again

by Firouzeh KhosrovanyItaly/Iran, 13’A short documentary, using archival footage of Cinecittà as well as family albums of the director, to tell the story of Iranian women.

The Patience Stone

by Atiq RahimiAfghanistan, 2012, 109’A young woman in Afghanistan watches over her older husband who is reduced to a vegetative state because of a bullet in his neck. One day the woman decides to tell him the truth about her feelings and their relationship. (Afghanistan’s entry for Oscar ‘s best foreign language film.)


by Umut DagAustria/Turkey, 2012, 93’.Kuma means second wife in Turkish. This is a suspenseful and surprising story of a Turkish mother of six children who lives in Austria. When she gets ill she wants her family to be taken care of, which prompts her to think of a plan.


by Cate ShortlandAustralia/Germany, 2012, 109’.This is an intense drama involving the immediate post-WWII German society from the viewpoint of German children. Lore leads her siblings through the occupied zones of the allies on a journey across Germany. This becomes a painful excursion of facing the truth about their parents, their country and its values.